1. Put the book study resources online

2. Start eMember drive

3. Start a daily devotional. (maybe related to DW)

Develop an app to showcase the podcassts.

4. Develop a class to offer on udemy.com

5. Check Wordpress for the Message blog and maybe to use for the site.

6. Start a Daily Prayer/Meditation based on Daily Word.

7. Have an Annual Theme - maybe a 12-year cycle of the 12 Powers, something that has been socially trending,

DLNTC uses positive, ocnstructive thinking to help realize the presence of God that is within every individual

Sweet Spirit of Love,  help me to be an instrument of your peace as I go through this and every day. Regardless of how others may behave or react, let my response be that of peace. A peace that passes all understanding, for there is no need to understand why anyone reacts the way they do, only to know that if it isn’t in peace, it’s out of fear, whether they realize it or not. Help me to respond in peace that they may understand their fear and come to know peace. And so it is. Amen.

Let us now turn further from the without to the within as we enter the silence for a moment to still the mind. One way to stillness is to repeat a sacred word or mantra to keep the mind centered. For this session, you might use the mantra, “Peace within,” on the in-breath and, “Peace without,” on the out-breath. Or, if you have a sacred word you’re conditioned to using, go with that. Whichever you use, go with peace into the silence....

Sweet Spirit of Love, we give thanks for the blessing of this day. May we stay conscious of your love and peace as we go into the world, knowing...

The light of God surrounds us,

The love of God enfolds us,

The power of God protects us,

And the Presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are, God is, and all is well. And we are thankful. Amen.