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How I Used Truth Book Study Webcast

How I Used Truth Book Study

Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm starting July 14, 2015

Join us for an exploration of the H. Emilie Cady book, How I Used Truth. Originally entitled Miscellaneous Writings, it is a collection of pieces which Dr. Cady wrote as a result of her own experiences. Join us Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm (Central Time) as we glean insight from these writings on Truth.

This webcast uses Google Hangouts, a free video webcast platform through Google. Anyone can watch, and those with a Google account can participate by posting questions and comments. Having signed in to your Google account, click the "Be part of the conversation" link that appears in the video window when the webcast begins The video will open in a new window with a Q&A sidebar to submit questions and comments.

An early copy of
Miscellaneous Writings (How I Used Truth) can be downloaded for free from Google Books as a PDF, EPUB, or added to your Google Library.


For study annotations on
How I Used Truth,

Those who have Google+ enabled on their accounts can join the webcast live! To get it set up, go to the DLNTC Google+ page and add it to your circles. Then go to that week's event listing and click “Yes” where it asks if you are going to watch.

Shortly before the event starts, respondents will be added to the participant invite list to receive a link to join the Hangout. Go to your Google+ page and the join link should be in your notifications; if not, go to the Events page and click the "Join Hangout" link. Google allows up to 10 participants at a time to join. Participants will be muted for feed quality, but can unmute themselves to jump in with questions and comments at anytime. A headset is recommended for mic quality (or at least an earphone to prevent feedback).

For a later PDF version of How I Used Truth,